Building the Profit Spiral® 

The Profit Spiral is a proven planning framework that builds the foundations for successful growth. Using a collaborative process, the CEO and team must come to consensus to define six critical elements:

  • Market and Customer Focus
  • Mission and Purpose
  • Vision and Objectives
  • Strategies and Plans
  • Structure, Processes and Operating System
  • Values-Based, Innovative, Results-Driven Culture

All six must be aligned with each other and then the entire organization must engage in understanding and implementing the plan. This unique strategic planning model is particularly designed for entrepreneurial leaders because it emphasizes creating an ongoing process to embrace change while executing an aggressive growth strategy.

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Gail Goodman, CEO,
Constant Contact®

“Catlin & Cookman Group's Profit Spiral® Annual Operating System provides valuable focus to our entire organization. It gives us a clear path for translating our long-term strategic vision into annual corporate goals, measurable departmental plans, and detailed operating budgets.”

Ranked #6, Deloitte’s 2006 Technology Fast 50 Program
for New England

Ranked #166, 2006 Inc. 500


Spin or Spiral: How to Influence Growth and Profits through Strategic Innovation

Profit Spiral® Annual Operating System Drives Strategy Execution at OneSource