CEO Best Practices

CEOs speak out on how they confront challenges of growth

What will it really take to lead your company from Initial Growth to Rapid Growth to Continuous Growth? We invite you to explore our CEO Best Practices and learn — first-hand, from our CEOs — about the problems they've faced and resolved to drive success.

CEO Interviews

The Profit Spiral® Planning Process Quickly Adds to Circles’ Top Line

Interview with CEO and co-founder Janet Kraus Underpinning Rapid Growth With Strategic Planning

Case Study

Building the Profit Spiral® at OneSource Information Services, Inc.

An Interview with CEO Dan Schimmel

Profit Spiral® Annual Operating System Drives Strategy Execution at OneSource

Case Study

Confronting Fast-Forward Growth at The MathWorks

An Interview with CEO Jack Little

Learning The Lessons Of The MathWorks

An executive applauds The MathWorks for its commitment to communicating its mission, vision and values

Truevision: Quest for Victory: Moving Beyond Crossroads

An Interview with former CEO Cathleen Asch

Information Mapping, Inc. Shifts From Low To High Gear

An Interview with CEO Doug Gorman

Shiva Corporation: Getting Your Culture Back On Track

An Interview with former CEO Dan Schwinn





James Hemmer, CEO, Antenna Software

“When your company is growing quickly, there are a lot of challenges, both those that are seen and those to be anticipated. Catlin & Cookman Group has the road map of what to expect at each stage of growth.”

Ranked #10 on Deloitte's 2006 Technology Fast 500

Named New Jersey's Fastest-Growing Technology Company in Deliotte's Technology 2006 Fast 50 Program