High-Growth CEO Consulting™

Creating a shared vision, strategy, and operating system

To succeed, CEOs must create a shared vision and strategy with the executive team — and then execute flawlessly. Catlin & Cookman Group works closely with CEOs to define their strategic vision and annual plans, build and align executive teams, and create the organizational design, operating system and culture for impeccable execution.

Our systematic, proven programs deliver measurable results:

  • Building the Profit Spiral® Our foundation framework. Uncovers impediments to growth and helps CEOs and their executive teams create and implement strategic plans that include market focus, mission, values, vision, strategies, structure and culture — and an operating system to make sure the plan works. The result is the path to extraordinary growth.
  • Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth® Defines the key responsibilities of the executives beyond their functional roles and develops a highly-focused and exceptionally strong team capable of leading the company to successful growth, breakthrough innovation and maximized profits.
  • Planning for Growth™ Based on our proven Profit Spiral consulting practice, this is a participative, interactive session that gives CEOs a growth blueprint they can then build on their own. Implementing the Planning for Growth formula creates vision, strategy and an operating system to deliver, drives alignment and commitment throughout the organization, and engages the executive team in its strategic leadership role to grow the company to its next level.




Jeff Taylor, Founder and Former CEO, Monster.com

“As a result of our work with the Catlin & Cookman Group, we have a plan in place that will guide our future growth while helping us preserve our unique culture even as we add more and more employees here and around the world.”


Monster.com Underpinning Rapid Growth With Strategic Planning

The Profit Spiral® Planning Process Quickly Adds to Circles' Top Line