Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth®

What is your vision of the ideal team? What are the hallmarks of a great team that you have experienced in the past? How well do team members listen to each other?

“Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth” is a proven framework that provides practical strategies for improving team executive team alignment, communication, and collaboration. Our methodology focuses on six core responsibilities:

  • Leading Growth
  • Leading for Alignment
  • Leading the Culture
  • Attracting and Retaining Awesome People
  • Managing Team Pitfalls
  • Learning from Each Other

Team input on how the CEO and executive team operate together is a critical component of this program. Prior to a one-day session, all members of your executive team take the Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI) and the Catlin & Cookman Group “Executive Team As Leaders of Growth Performance Evaluator™”. These are debriefed as part of a one-day session that builds teamwork and executive team leadership to address the critical challenges you’re facing today.

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Ed Goldfinger, CEO, Empirix

“The Catlin & Cookman Group's one day Building Executive Team as Leaders of Growth program helped my senior staff and I develop more effective ways to work together to galvanize our corporate growth. Because they were customized to address our specific issues, we gained real insights into improving our performance as a team, and came away with a solid plan for addressing the opportunities and challenges we were facing in the business.”


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