A Unique, High-Impact Format

The quarterly meetings allow for in-depth discussion of timely, member-chosen topics. Each session addresses “Member Challenges” (CEOs put forth specific issues for debate and feedback), “Best Practices” (CEOs present topical solutions that have delivered excellent results) and common hot issues. Catlin & Cookman Group's proven growth models and relevant performance evaluators are used each time to measure progress, illuminate critical areas requiring attention, and provide a common framework for success. This unique design offers significant value:

  • Absolute confidentiality and consistent participation build cohesion and trust. Members present their toughest, most sensitive issues and receive unbiased perspectives not available from their BoD, management teams, or other advisors.
  • Each CEO delivers a “Member Challenge” and reports back on results before the next meeting.
  • The focus is on the strategic big picture and critical aspects of the CEO leadership role often lost in the fire-fighting atmosphere of most high-growth companies.
  • Members share similar business environments so the forums serve as early detection systems for shifting trends that may significantly impact the future of their companies.

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Colin Angle, CEO, iRobot

“The job of the CEO is inherently and unapologetically isolating. The High-Growth CEO Forum offers a refreshingly honest and sincere source of support and advice from peers who live on similar quarterdecks. Its format and strong facilitation differentiate it from other groups I have seen.”

Ernst and Young New England Entrepreneur of the Year for 2003


Peer Groups Help CEOs Succeed in Today's High Risk/High Reward Environment