Planning for Growth™  

Designed to accommodate three to six similar-stage companies at a time, the Catlin & Cookman Group’s Planning for Growth is a one-day interactive session with an optional follow-up day. It was developed from our Profit Spiral® consulting and is designed to give CEOs a blueprint for transforming their vision into strategy and execution.

Surveys and interviews conducted prior to the session are used to assess the organization’s current planning process and strategic alignment.

Planning for Growth itself entails work between the CEO and two members of the executive team. Participants begin to develop some components in the session and receive the necessary tools to build the rest of plan on their own. Elements include:

  • Discovery — Your foundation for growth — defining your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats & key assumptions
  • Plan Creation — Targeting the highest-potential markets and constantly gathering intelligence about customers’ future needs and goals. Defining your company’s mission, vision, core values & culture as a product of the complete executive team in a group process setting.
  • Action & Results — Developing strategies, annual goals, measurements and metrics and a defined "operating system" to monitor, change, communicate and implement your plan. A predictable series of individual, executive team, BOD, functional and company-wide meetings drives the plan into daily action.

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James Hemmer, CEO, Antenna Software

“Planning for Growth gave Antenna Software a great framework for fine tuning our planning process and putting a growth strategy in place. They provided the exact tools we needed, mapped precisely to a company of our size. The Catlin & Cookman Group is an incredible asset to fast-growing, high-tech companies.”

Ranked #10 on Deloitte's 2006 Technology Fast 500

Named New Jersey's Fastest-Growing Technology Company in Deliotte's Technology 2006 Fast 50 Program


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