Selected Reading on Planning & Execution

Transform or Die: As A CEO, You're In the Business to Grow Your Business — but Growth without Real Change Can Kill You

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The Profit Spiral®: A Practical Guide for Leaders Committed to Growing Their Organizations

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Spin or Spiral: How to Influence Growth and Profits through Strategic Innovation

A look at strategic innovation as a driver of growth

The Profit Spiral® Annual Operating System Drives Strategy Execution at OneSource

Case Study Underpinning Rapid Growth With Strategic Planning

Case Study

The Profit Spiral® Planning Process Quickly Adds to Circles' Top Line

Case Study




Janet Kraus, CEO &
Co-founder, Circles

“Historically, our planning had been a spreadsheet with a list of to do's and an allocation of the resources needed to get those things done. But it had no vision or strategy attached to it. After going through the Profit Spiral® process, I actually know how to do a strategic operating plan.”