ROI and Proven Results

Today, three High-Growth CEO Forums® (1998, 2002, 2005) in New England led by Catlin & Cookman Group partners Katherine Catlin and Bouzha Cookman have 30 members.

Ten Years of Proven Value - Snapshot of the CEO Forums Operating in New England:

  • Member companies have generated over $2.6B in market value:  10 successful M&A transactions and 3 IPOs over a 10-year period
  • 45% of member companies have had successful liquidity events
  • 3 successful exits in 2007/2008 (CEOs were in their CEO Forum for at least five years)
    • Gail Goodman, Constant Contact (October 2007 IPO)     
    • Janet Kraus, Circles (November 2007 M&A to Sodhexo for 12x EBITDA -- Janet is already CEO of her next funded venture)     
    • John Rizzi, eDialog (February 2008 M&A to GSI Commerce for 24x trailing EBITDA)
  • Member companies currently average a 75% CAGR after at least one year in the CEO Forum
  • Approximately $445M in funding
  • Over $580M in revenue
  • 98% annual retention rate after one year in a High-Growth CEO Forum

High-Growth CEO Forums drive insights and action beyond peer exchange.   CEO Forum leaders use the depth and relevance of their intellectual property — including cutting-edge tools, growth frameworks, strategic planning models, performance evaluators and Katherine Catlin's co-authored books Leading at the Speed of Growth and Building the Awesome Organization — to frame discussion and drive solutions.


Member ROI Quotes

Paul DiGiammarino, CEO, Anaqua

“I am a strong advocate for the CEO Forum. I grew and sold my last company
for 5X more than it was worth when I started as CEO. There is no way I could
have done that without the Forum.”

Gail Goodman, CEO, Constant Contact®

“Catlin & Cookman's CEO Forum helps me keep my eye on the big picture at a time when it's easy to miss the forest for the trees. As a member since 2002, my participation in the High-Growth CEO Forum has made a measurable impact on Constant Contact's success. Combine Catlin & Cookman's insightful probing and leadership thinking with the feedback of some really smart CEOs and you've got a winning formula for success.”

Company Ranked #6, Deloitte’s 2006 Technology Fast 50 Program for New England
and #166 on the 2006 Inc. 500

Jeffrey Beir, General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners,
Former CEO, eRoom Technology

“I can point to specific actions that I've taken as a result of participating in the High-Growth CEO Forum that had a dramatic impact on the growth of my company.”

Dan Schimmel, CEO, Pyramid Research,
Former CEO, OneSource Information Services

“The Catlin & Cookman Group High-Growth CEO Forum was a major contributor to giving me the ideas and inspiration as an entrepreneurial CEO that led to winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award.”

2001 Entrepreneur of the Year for Business Services in New England

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Tod Loofbourrow, CEO, Authoria

“Since 2003, Authoria has more than doubled our revenue, built a strong recurring revenue business model, and is well positioned for an IPO. For the past 6 years I have been meeting quarterly with a great group of successful CEOs in one of Catlin & Cookman Group's CEO forums for high-tech, high-growth venture-backed companies. The High-Growth Forum experience has been and continues to be a major contributor to Authoria's success.”


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